My work explores markmaking, form, shapes, patterns and textures we see around us in daily life in the urban environment - the traces of human existence - sometimes purposeful, sometimes accidental. At present I am using a variety of printmaking methods and paint to apply colour and pattern to discarded cardboard packaging materials before tearing or cutting them up and reassembling them into abstract compositions. My work also explores how throw away materials can be used to create something new and beautiful. I trained as a painter but using alternative means of applying marks and colour to an overall piece allows me to be more playful and less precious in my approach.

In my previous design work (although, still happy to create new work if required!), I use a variety of handmade processes, such as drawing, painting, printmaking and collage before taking my work onto the computer and manipulating digitally. The digital aspect is as experimental as the handmade methods used and the pieces evolve, resulting in bold and colourful designs. I create designs for a range of applications, from clothing to packaging and am always keen to discuss new collaborations. 

I have a BA(Hons) in Fine Art (painting) from Falmouth College of Art and an MA in Surface Pattern Design from Birmingham City University. I have also worked as an art and design lecturer/teacher for many years in a variety of settings.

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