Make it in Brum 

About me...

As well as being an artist/designer, I have taught art and design for over twenty years and across all age ranges and abilities, from early years to adults. At the heart of my artistic and educational practice is the notion that learning should be fun. Art is a subject that can help us to develop socially, emotionally and mentally as well as the obvious gaining of skills and sense of achievement we get when we produce something we are proud of. Its a subject that has no 'correct' answers as such and enables us to celebrate our differences and individuality.

Fun and play are key in early years education but this is something that often gets lost in later school years as we get frustrated when our work doesn't look as good as our neighbour's! In most university level art courses, it is a case of undoing practices that hinder the ability for students to let go in order to truly explore materials, techniques, ideas and concepts. If we spend the time playing and experimenting with the process, successful 'finished pieces' usually follow.

I follow this ethos in my current online workshops whilst also encouraging chat and sharing of work and ideas - as it is this we are all missing at the moment. I aim to make the classes as inclusive and accessible as possible and will always try and work with materials you either have at home or can get hold of easily.

Our next pair of collaborative workshops are taking place on the 5th and 6th of March.


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